Welcome to Pine Haven Puppies!

Here at Pine Haven Puppies, we strive to raise the absolute best Mini Goldendoodle and Pomsky puppies available! This means we take great care in selecting and breeding only the best stock, and making sure our puppies are both healthy and socialized before we adopt them out to their forever homes.

We get a lot of joy and satisfaction from being around these adorable little critters. Helping others find the same joy and companionship is also something we’re fond of, so feel free to ask us any questions you may have, or read on to learn more about our puppies.

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About Pine Haven’s Mini Goldendoodle Puppies

Mini Goldendoodles are a cross between a Golden Retriever and a Miniature Poodle.

Combining the calm, eager to please golden retriever with the naturally intelligent, hypo-allergenic mini poodle was indeed an intriguing thought to us, and we loved the idea! Mini Goldendoodles are usually friends of everyone and strangers to no one, which make them an ideal choice as a family dog. Being minis, it gives you a smaller breed of dog, making them easier to handle, taking up less space, and making them excellent for families with children of all ages. Due to their affable outgoing personalities, Mini Goldendoodles also make excellent companions for people with disabilities. They are cheerful, gentle, affectionate, smart, and highly trainable animals with a keen desire to please! Like any dog, Mini Goldendoodles can get into mischief and develop behavioral problems if they are left alone for long periods of time.

The Mini Goldendoodle is a relatively easy keeper in the grooming department. As with shedding, the level of grooming is determined by the dog’s genes; some puppies inherit more of the poodle, while others inherit more retriever. Regardless, an occasional trimming and clipping may be necessary to prevent matting in their beautiful, curly coat.

Have you ever wanted a puppy but your allergies prevented you from owning one? Do you love dogs, but can’t stand vacuuming up furry hairballs all the time? The Mini Goldendoodle might just solve both problems! Although no breed is entirely allergen-free, the Mini Goldendoodle is as close as you can get. It’s the perfect dog for easy clean-up and for avoiding allergic reactions. We hope you find a puppy that is just right for you!

About Pine Haven’s Pomsky Puppies

The Pomsky is a cross between a Siberian Husky and a Pomeranian.

Pomskies have become quite a popular breed of dogs, and the main reason for the popularity of this “hybrid” dog is it’s disposition. Pomskies are smart, friendly, energetic and loving dogs. They have a gentle disposition, but can be quite mischievous too, if not properly trained. It is no wonder that these cute, cuddly dogs have found a way into the hearts and homes of people around the world-including ours!

Both parents of the Pomsky are highly intelligent breeds, which means the Pomsky is quite an intelligent dog itself. Huskies are very friendly, and make great companions, but it’s not unusual for families to be unable to have a husky with their large size and exuberant nature. On the other hand, a Pomeranian is small, very affectionate, and more calm. So combining the two, you have a perfect sized dog, yet family friendly, very intelligent, adorable, and so cuddly! The attitude of the Pomsky varies greatly, and depends on the individual puppy. Since they can develop undesirable traits if allowed to, early training is important.

Pomskies come from polar opposites when it comes to activity levels. The Husky loves running around and getting a good workout, while the Pomeranian would rather nap the day away. A Pomsky will love walks or lengthy games of fetch, running off energy and avoiding boredom. A Pomsky has a soft, silky coat that will need some grooming to keep shedding down.

Have you been looking for a Husky, yet wanted a smaller dog? A Pomsky is a smaller version of a Husky, out-going, but not as high-strung. A family friendly puppy who is affectionate and will love to cuddle. Best wishes as you search for a Pomsky that’s just right for you!

About Pine Haven Puppies

Pine Haven Puppies is located in south central IN in a quiet country setting surrounded with peaceful woods. We enjoy lots of wildlife in our spacious yard and pond.

We, Lonnie and Liz, started raising puppies as a hobby after adopting a few dogs of our own. Loving and caring for their puppies has become a great part of our life. Our desire is to raise quality, healthy pups that will make wonderful additions in loving homes like yours for years to come.

These puppies will be up to date on shots and deworming, and will be vet checked. When adopting one of these wonderful puppies, you are welcome to pick them up in person, or arrangements can be made for them to fly to your nearest airport that receives live animals. We look forward to meeting you!