Pine Haven Puppies’ Testimonials

Below you can hear about the experiences others have had with adopting from us here at Pine Haven Puppies, as well as see pictures of some of our past puppies. Please Contact Us if you have any questions.

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Lonnie was very helpful and transparent during the whole process. He was very patient with all my questions and invited me to visit the farm where the dogs are. This is the first time I ever purchased a pet online and I would do it again with Pine Haven Puppies. Alita(Violet) is now 6.5 months and growing up to be a very fine young lady 🙂 She came to us after a 3 day land delivery due to the pandemic. She was very energetic, playful but reserved at first. She opened up very easily and is very sociable. She is very gentle to my 9 yr old nephew and my neighbor’s kids. She loves to run but also loves cuddles equally. She is very easy to train and is one smart pup! She is our lovable girl for life!

This is Bella aka Lexis. She has adjusted great into the family. She was a birthday present for our oldest daughter but has taken a liken to all. She is the youngest but seems to be top dog. Full of mischievous acts and full of energy. We love her Siberian husky talk and she spends hours entertaining herself with all the dog bones and toys. She is right at 5 months and at last vet check she was 24lbs around 4.5 months so will probably be on the bigger pomsky side. Thanks for wonderful addition.


Nikita is doing great! She’s currently around 18 lbs and is very smart and very funny. She gets along great with my cat and is a very good girl. She always wants to play and everyone she meets falls in love!

Adopting our pompskie puppy, whom we renamed from Leo to “Ivan”, from Pinehaven puppies was an amazing experience. The breeders were communicative, transparent, and helpful during the selection process so that we knew that the puppy we chose would be a good fit for our growing family. We are in love with Ivan. He brings so many laughs and cuddles to our 5 year old daughter, Rhyen, and is a great companion for our 12 year old pug, Beatrix.

Hi Lonnie,
The puppies are doing great. We really love them. They really enjoy cold and snow.

Hello Lonnie ,
Stormy (Lindsey) has really been growing up fast. It seems like she was just a little puppy not that long ago. She is a lot of fun and keeps us busy most of the time. We get lots of compliments on how beautiful she is. She has been a great addition to our family. We had a great experience with Pine Haven Puppies. You made everything very easy for us to get Stormy and on short notice. We would definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a beautiful Pomsky to add to their family. Here are some pictures of her progress so far.

We absolutely love our pomsky Oso (Lance). He is doing great. He is so smart, loving and well behaved. He has been a complete blessing to our family. He has made lots of friends at doggy daycare. We can’t thank you enough.

We are so smitten with our Chase (Jace)! He is a very social dog – he loves people and playing with other dogs. Chase is very curious, loves to run around outside, pick up sticks, and play in piles of leaves. Just today, he discovered snow! He’s growing so fast -He weighs 25 pounds now and the vet says he’s perfect. Everyone we meet thinks he’s the cutest puppy ever (and we think so too – see the close up photo!) We had a great experience with Pine Haven Puppies and give them high marks.

She’s been the best addition to our family. She’s been so easy to train! We had been on the search for a goldendoodle puppy for our family, and it worked out perfectly that Pine Haven Puppies had a mini-goldendoodle girl available. Her name is Reese, and she is healthy, smart, and so loved. She was well cared for at Pine Haven. Lonnie has set up great facilities for the dogs. The dogs are happy, healthy, and a fair price. Our puppy is now almost 4 months old, and the vet estimated she will be around 30-35 lbs, which is exactly what Lonnie told us. She is very popular everywhere we go. She loves the attention! I would recommend Pine Haven Puppies!

Isaiah (formerly Jazz) is a sweet, smart boy. He starts puppy class tonight but already has learned sit and down and he’s only been home 3 weeks. He is very affectionate and LOVES being around his family.

We love our mini goldendoodle from Pine Haven Puppies! Our puppy has been home for several weeks now and we couldn’t be happier with this new family member. He’s a healthy, well socialized and easy going puppy. We rarely hear him bark! Lonnie made the entire experience very easy and reassuring. We were nervous about getting a puppy from a breeder, as we had never done that before. Lonnie patiently answered all of our questions and made the process comfortable and easy. He is very responsive by text and we always had a quick answer to our questions. When we visited his home to pick up the puppy, he was very open to letting us explore, linger and meet our puppy’s mom and dad. We are now in puppy training classes and our pup is top of the class! Everyone always stops us to learn more about him, because he’s so darn cute. Thanks, Pine Haven Puppies!

Hi Lonnie! Dallas (Kody) has been great! Still working on solidifying potty training but it’s getting better day by day! He transitioned so well into our home and with his older brother. He is very playful, attentive & such a loving pup! We love him so much! Thank you for giving us such a special gift. Even though it was last minute and late in the evening, you were such a big help and easy to work with. If I know of anyone who is looking for a mini golden doodle, you will be the first one I direct them to!

Hi Lonnie. Cash (Jupiter) has been an amazing addition to our family. He is so friendly and loving with our kids. We couldn’t ask for a better dog. Thanks again for all your help.

We’ve fallen head over heels for our puppy we got from Pine Haven Puppies! He is extremely well mannered, and blew our expectations away with how well he behaves with our children. He has been a huge blessing to our family. We can’t wait for the time to come when we can manage another dog in the house – and we’ll definitely be checking back with Lonnie to see if/when he’ll have more!

Hi Lonnie. Good to hear from you. I hope all is well. Chase (aka Jace) is doing well. He is 21 lbs at 4 months! He just got his last puppy shots and will get his rabies shot in a couple of weeks.

Hi Lonnie. Want to let you know the pups are doing great! We got Piper (Ember) back in February and loved her so much we decided to get her a playmate. We picked up Baylee (Krystal) the first part of September. They are soo much fun and very smart dogs. Everyone thinks they are cute and wants to take them home. We can’t be happier, it was well worth the three hour drive. Thanks again!

We purchased a mini goldendoodle from Pine Haven Puppies. The entire experience from beginning to end, was wonderful. Lonnie was happy to help answer questions and communication was easy. Our new puppy, who we named Ace, is so smart and loving. He hasn’t had any accidents in the house, he is well behaved, and wonderful with our 5 children. I was happy to learn that Ace was well socialized, he gets along with our cat and other dogs without a problem. He is the perfect addition to our family. Ace is so well behaved, that he was even hired to work in a production at Actors Theatre of Louisville this fall. He is adorable and the audiences LOVED him. Thank you Pine Haven Puppies for Ace. He is the best!


Hi Lonnie! We are so happy that we found your website and that we were able to add Murphy to our family! Murphy just went to the vet two weeks ago and weighs 16.7 pounds! He loves to go on runs with us and he looks forward to laying around all day for lazy Sunday’s! He has a big personality and a bigger heart! The first month we had him he learned how to sit, stand,lay down, roll over, shake, and high five with both hands! We take him everywhere with us and frequently get stopped by people, because they think he’s so cute! We often tell people about your website and how pleasant you were to work with!

Hi Lonnie, Tatum has been a great dog! She is super social, loves all dogs & people, & is full of energy (sometimes too much!) she can also be calm. She is relatively well behaved but gets over excited at times. Everyone loves her, and she is on instagram as tatumthepomsky. We would love to see what her siblings look like now if you have any pics. Thanks!


Finley( Eileen) went to the groomers today for a trim! She is doing great has only had a few accidents in the house, and is an amazing dog! She’s so playful with my daughter,and really a great dog! She is very loved around here!


Hi Lonnie! How are you? I wanted to send a picture of Sasquatch in the bumblebee Halloween costume he picked out to wear for trick or treating! He loves Toronto and has had a great summer! I love him so much! ———Sasquatch gets stopped by people every day wanting to take their pic with him. He’s ridiculously handsome, and he of course works it! He has the most chill, sweet personality and everyone just absolutely loves him. His best friend is my friend’s son Simon, he is 8. They play together for hours! ———- I call his color ‘Creme brulee’ – he has the black stripe down his back and his tail and he’s the cutest thing ever. He’s perfect! ———Sasquatch loves the snow! We are about to drive to California together for two months. He is excited!

This is my oldest nephew with Loki and Saddie. Saddie is our little blue tick beagle. Loki weighs almost 30 pounds!!!! He looks more and more like a husky every day .He is very well loved!!! Our experience has been great! He is a wonderful addition to our family! I would definitely buy a pomsky again from Pine Haven Puppies! Pomskies are so much fun!!! And they are fluffy and adorable and everything in between!!!! For people who want huskies but don’t have the room for one need a pomsky! They are the best teddy bears ever!!!!

Cooper is doing great very loving and smart. My daughter was so happy she got him she started crying! Thank you for everything and appreciate how wonderful you all was. It was a great experience!

Hi Lonnie..Milo has been awesome for us..he is doing very well…Everywhere we take him people go crazy over him!!!…we took him to indiana dunes state park Sunday and he was a big hit!!


Hi Lonnie! Winston’s doing great! Just around 70 pounds. Very sweet dog, out vet loves him. He’s very laid back we never have any issues with him around the house!

Hello! My goldendoodle, Bugi, is doing great! He just turned 1 on May 12. He is 76lbs now, but looks like he is still growing. His energy levels are off the charts, so dog parks and beaches are our favorite. He is great with kids, other dogs, and overall a joy to have. My niece and nephew absolutely adore him and he is such a friendly dog.

He’s such a big boy! He weighs 65 pounds already! We love him so much! he is amazing! He is very well behaved and the best dog ever! he has been very hyper and loves kids and actually everyone!

Hi Lonnie ,We love, love, love her! She is so good natured, loving and smart.

Hi Lonnie,

Buckeye is doing well. He got so big, he is 90lbs now. He is really smart and has been great health wise. We did training with him early on. He is great with kids and people in general and good with other dogs. Love the temperament!
He does get rambunctious and really excited around guest and other dogs and jumps up, but he is never threatening or attacking just always extremely happy and joyful!

Hello Lonnie! Shiloh is so amazing! Not only is he super healthy but he has such an awesome personality and he’s just a sweetheart! He’s definitely full of energy, he’s got me exercise him all day long. The whole process with you and Shiloh was really easy , people are always asking where I got him

As for our dog we do love her to death as she is very loving, friendly and energetic. Dealing with you was great and you were honest and forthright about everything

Hi Lonnie, this is Mark . Our golden doodle, Leila, is doing well and growing up. She is a little over 50lbs now. She is great with the kids and has a very sweet personality. We are very happy with her, thank you. She still likes to chew though! She is fully house trained and loves to go for walks.

Daisy is doing great, everything that my daughter wanted. Great demeanor, lots of energy, and perfectly healthy. The experience has been great and I would recommend your service to anyone.

Hi! George is doing great! He’s surprisingly super long corgi-ish looking body but he’s adorable! I love him any way he looks! He’s super energetic and loves to play fetch, brought him to the beach last weekend and he went swimming. He loves to play with other dogs!

Hi Lonnie. Elmer is doing great, he’s growing and is a wonderful dog. Everywhere we take him people are complimenting him on how cute and beautiful he is. He’s about 40 lbs now. Gets along great with my little kids!